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Which 3DS flashcart can play 3DS games on my 3DS    6,965 views

Which 3DS flashcart can play 3DS games on my 3DS

From time to time, i always received emails from friends or customers, they always asked me the same questions, can you tell me which flasdhcart can let me play 3ds games. i have a SD card stored with many 3DS games, can you advice which flashcart i should buy to play them. when the real 3ds flashcart can play 3ds games come out. Will  my r4i gold 3ds  or acekard 2i can be updated to  play 3ds games if there  is a real 3ds flashcart releases in future.

The answers are always no no no no no. Currently no flashcart can let us play 3ds games on our 3ds, because 3ds haven’t been hacked yet, all the flashcarts can only play ds  games on the 3ds.  No one knows when the real 3ds flashcart will be released, there are many rumors about it, but all unconfirmed news. so i really can not give you a exact date or name about the 3ds flashcart can play 3ds games.

I am sure they are many flashcart teams(nearly all the teams)  are working hard on them, they all want to develop a flashcart that play 3ds games, because we can imagine that whoever releases the first 3ds flashcart, it will be a earthquake to the 3DS area, the word’s first 3ds flashcart play 3ds games means tons of money, profit. So everyone wants to be the first, but no lucky news about it until now. It is not easy (actually very difficult) job to jailbreak the 3DS.  Nearly teo years passed, we can not get many good news about it.
Last year, there was a flashcart named Crown3ds, they released the first video showed that they have developped the first 3ds flashcart and will release it soon, but now, one year passed, they didnt bring us the surprise. No news from then on.  We dont know whether it is true or false, but time will tell us, all we can do it wait.

ANother question, if there is a 3ds flashcart comes out, Does my acekard 2i, r4i gold 3ds or DSTwo can also be updated to play 3ds games at that time.  Ther answer is yes and no.  we dont know, this is just our guess.  if this really happen in future, i think some teams will release new flashcart because of the tech problem, and also because of the profit problem, if they release a new flashcard which can play 3ds games, they can sell many of them, means a lot of propfit to them. why dont they do it, money is always their first though you know.
Anyway, we will just wait and see what will happen.

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