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Which is the best flash cart to play ds games on 3DS XL    746 views

Which is the best flash cart to play ds games on 3DS XL

Recently there are still some guys asked me if there is a flashcart can play 3ds games, can i recommend a flashcart to play 3ds games on their 3DS XL,  so i have to make it clear again,  currently all the flashcarts will only play ds games on 3ds, you can not use a flashcart to play 3ds games on 3ds.

So if you want to play 3ds games, you need to buy them in a shop, and then you can also buy a flash cart to play the ds games. Nearly all the flash cart can let you play ds games on your 3ds,  and most of them have the 100% game compatibility, which means you can play all the ds games with them.  There are so many flash carts in the market, which one is the best , r4i gold, acekard 2i, dstwo, r4i sdhc 3ds….. so i will tell you how to choose one for you 3ds.

here is the question

Hi, I want to buy a flash cart so I can play ds games on my (3DS) , which cart do you guys recommend?which is the best for this scenario?

Currently there are three flash carts i would recommend for play ds games on 3ds,  r4i gold 3ds from, supercard dstwo and ace3ds plus. why i don’t mention acekard 2i, well, if you notice the news, ak2i still can not work on the latest 3DS firmware V4.4.0-10.  updated so slow.

if you want to find a very cheap flashcart for 3ds, ace3ds plus is the best, this card is the cheapest 3ds  flashcart in the market. if you only want to play ds games, and want to buy a cheap one, then just choose the ace3ds plus.

if you want to find a better one, r4i gold 3ds will be the one i recommend,  r4i gold 3ds card is the best flashcart for you to play ds games on your 3ds or 3ds xl, this card uses wood firmware, updates very quick, can always support the new games, new 3ds firmware in the first time. if you don’t want the other features, would highly recommend this card.

If you want to find a full featured flash cart for your 3ds, supercard dstwo is the one you like. dstwo is much more expensive than other carts, because it has many more features other cards do not have, such as play gba games, real time save, real time menu.  so if you need those features, just buy dstwo card.

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